Sunday, July 24, 2011

Catching up... visit to the cemetery

So, my Grandma left this world a year ago March. I decided the 3 generations (mother, me and Casey) should go and visit her at the cemetery. We also had to visit Grandpa Fowler since we were there.

T-ball slideshow

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Just another Funday... I mean Sunday

Finally smileboxed Cayden's t-ball season. The season ended a month ago and I haven't had time to put all the pictures together. Had a few minutes tonight so I figured I better hurry up and get it done.

The lesson for my class this week was on Forgiving ourselves. That is part of the steps to repentance, the last one. I never really thought about how important it was until I was reading my lesson material. I hope I was able to get that point across to the girls. There are so many different personality types in my class. Each one has such a special spirit about her. I continue to look forward to better know them and hopefully will be able to touch their lives somehow.

I ended up making cupcakes and bringing flowers for the girls. Had to bring the cupcakes because last week I made brownies... they never got them. Cayden had went downstairs while I was in the shower and decided to claw into them. He ended up having a sugary, chocolate breakfast and the girls got nothing =( The flowers were to symbolize how beautiful and different they are. I brought in two mixed bouquets which they were able to pick and choose which ones they got. It was fun to see which ones they would pick.

Corey got home safetly today. He went to his cousins wedding in Santa Barbara. It was a kid free wedding so I ended up staying home. I kept debating having my sister watch them over night, but in the end I chose to stay home. Hearing about how fun it was almost makes me think I should have went, but I couldn't leave my kids all weekend and the go back to work on Monday. It's hard not being able to spend more time during the week with them. I know they are cared and loved for at Miss Emy's.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just updating

Casey 15 Months

Cayden's Pirate Birthday Party

Casey's poor lip
Man... it has been a long, long time. So there has been so much going on in my life I wanted to write it in my blog. In early June my dad called me to let me know that I might have another sister at there. She is 32 years old and this happened before he was married. Fast foward 3 weeks later, we find out that she is my sister. I feel so many emotions... I feel for my dad, his wife and their kids together - this has got to be tough. I also feel that I want to get to know my newest sister - Carrie. So far we have been chatting on-line and on the phone. It is so wonderful to talk with her & learn about her. She lives in Florida, so it is a bit far.

Another thing that has happened was on June 14th, Casey fell and split her lip & her tooth got pushed up into her gums. Oh my goodness, that was scary. I picked her up at the sitters & rushed her to the ER. I ended up calling the chief of Plastic Surgery to come and stitch her up because the laceration was on her face. He was wonderful (so glad I work with amazing people). Poor little Casey had to get a shot to put her out so she would cry/wiggle/move while he was stitching her up. That, so far, has been the hardest thing for me to see. My little one was just laying there on the gurney lucid and "not there". I think I almost cried more than her that day. Since then, her lip has healed very well with only minimal scaring. On the plus side, she is no longer using a binkie or drinking from bottles! That was going to be a battle in itself.

I have a new calling in church - I am the Mia Maid teacher. I am so super excited about this calling. I feel when I was a Mia Maid (14-15 years old) that is the time where I started to rebel and act out. I didn't make all the best choices and made many mistakes. This calling is almost like a "do over". It just feels like I can help them because I know what they are going through, I've made those mistakes. I want to try to help them so when they get to a fork in the road, they know which way to go. The girls in my class are so special. I already can see their sweet spirits shining through. I pray all the time that the Lord will help guide me in the direction I am supposed to be on so I can teach them what he wants me to teach them.

Cayden is doing really good. He turned 4 in March and had a Pirate Birthday Party. Invited all his preschool friends. He finished his first year of preschool and has already decided that he will "marry Ava in the Oakland Temple". He misses preschool and can't wait until the fall when it starts up again. He also finished his first year of T-ball with the Oak Ridge Little League (same league his dad played in). He had so much fun with his team mates and learned so much. He still practices in the backyard with daddy. He is my little lefty hitter. Cayden will be starting swim lessons next week & I am so excited! Too bad we don't have a pool to practice in, but I have many friends who do. We do have the hot tub, but really... practice swimming in a hot tub?!? I think not =)

Corey & I are doing great. Together 13 years this August & married 6 years. He is definitely the man I am supposed to be with. We complement eachother very well. Corey has been going on camping trips with Cayden and his dad and then some where it is just the older guys. If we lived in the woods by a lake, Corey would be a happy camper! One thing I would like to change is to have date night more often and try not to think about the kids when we are out!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Way Too Long!

Ok... so I have been out of the blog world for many months. I will have to update more about all that has been going on and of course post pictures! You can see some of their recent pictures on my friend Ela's blog

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We signed Cayden up for T-Ball through the YMCA. It is so cute to watch him learn the sport with other little 3 year old boys. The lessons are an hour long but he only has 30 minute attention span for it. He wants to play at the playground by the field, it is so funny! Here are some pictures to enjoy.

Cayden's first day of T-ball

Cayden wanted to run around

Cayden wanting to play at the park

Working on Catching the ball

Playing catch with Dad

Happy Birthday to my Church!!

It's amazing that only 180 years ago my church was organized - April 6, 1830. We have so many members & Temples across the globe! It's amazing just thinking about how much it has grown from the early days. I am just so proud of my ancesters for believing in this church, especially when it was so knew. They paved the way for the rest of the family to continue that legacy. I love hearing stories about how my ancestors came across the plains to SLC. They were asked to go into south east Idaho to start a community & they did. They were also asked to go to San Bernadino county to start a community & they did that too. They eventually moved back to Oneida county in Idaho. I am also happy that my husband allows me to raise my children in the church I love so much. One day, I know he will also come to love it as much as I do. I'm sure with a little persuasion from the kids, hehe.